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Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Dambulla Rock Cave Temple

Sherine Lanka Tours Dambulla Rock Cave Temple |

This is the largest and best preserved complex of buddhist cave temples in Sri Lanka. The History of this temple dates back to 1st ccentury BC during the reign of King Valagamba. There are five Caves which contain almost 150images of the Lord Buddha.

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Wilpattu National Park

Sherine Lanka Tours Wilpattu National Park |

Wilpattu National Park is a park located on the island of Sri Lanka. The unique feature of this park is the existence of "Willus" (Natural lakes) - Natural, sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater. Located in the Northwest coast lowland dry zone of Sri Lanka.Wilpattu National Park, the largest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka span an area of no less than 131,693 hectares with altitude ranging between the sea-level and 152 meters.There are approximately 30 species of mammals in the Wilpattu National Park which include the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard, Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri, Spotted Deer, Buffalo, Sambar and Mongoose.

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Sherine Lanka Tours Ritigala |

Ritigala Mountain at a height of 766 m above the sea-level is the highest mountain in the north-central dry plains of Sri Lanka.It is an ancient Buddhist monastery and mountain in Sri Lanka. The ruins and rock inscriptions of the monastery date back to 1st century BCE.The ruins of Ritigala monastery are located on the eastern side of the mountain at the foot of the gorge which separates the main peak from the northern ridge of the range.Legends abound on Ritigala. One of mysterious aspect is the belief of powerful medicinal herbs found near the crest. A herb called “Sansevi” is believed to have the power of conferring long life and curing all human pain. According to legend, all vegetation on Ritigala is protected by Yakkas, the guardian spirits of the mountain.

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Yala National Park

Sherine Lanka Tours Yala National park |

Yala National Park is a huge area of forest, grassland and lagoons bordering the Indian Ocean, in southeast Sri Lanka.It is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It was at first established in the early 1890s as a game sanctuary.The Yala National Park is famous among visitors as the best place to view large mammals within one territory.

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Udawalawe National Park

Sherine Lanka Tours Udawalawe National Park |

Udawalawe National Park Being located on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka.It lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka.Udawalawe is undoubtedly the best place in Sri Lanka to see wild Asian Elephants throughout the year.Hence, this national park is ideal to observe the herds of marvelous Asian elephants in their unique natural habitats. It is known that about 400 elephants in total are sustaining here while about 250 of them are considered as permanently resident.

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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Sherine Lanka Tours Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage |

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated northwest of the town of Kegalle, halfway between the Colombo and the hills of central Sri Lanka.It is an orphanage, nursery and captive breeding ground for wild Asian elephants.Pinnawala is the most popular and accessible place to see large numbers of these lovable animals in a natural habitat. It is the most popular elephant ‘attraction’ with tourists because nowhere else, except at the splendid ‘pereheras’ will you see so many elephants at such close quarters.

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Spice Garden In Sri Lanka

Sherine Lanka Tours Kandy Spice Garden |

Sri Lanka has always been reknowned for its spices.Visit a spice garden , where smells of cinnamons, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and mace overwhelm the senses and the visitors are provided an insight into an age old industry of spice production, which attracted many a European and Asian merchants to the ports of ancient Sri Lanka.

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Temple of Tooth Relic

Sherine Lanka Tours Temple Of Tooth Relic |

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy. Sri Dalada Maligawa, or Temple of the Tooth Relic, is the holiest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country. Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and also It is a World Heritage Site mainly due to the temple.The Temple of the Tooth is an art and history lover’s paradise

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Kosgoda Sea Turtle Hatchery

Sherine Lanka Tours Turtle Hatchery |
The waters around Sri Lanka are teeming with sea life. Though the threats to sea life exist here too, we take extensive measures to reduce the threats. Five out of the seven types of sea turtles call nest on our beaches. All of them are on the endangered list.The Turtle Care Centre at Kosgoda beach is one of 18 turtle hatcheries along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The centre is located in the South Western coastal village of Kosgoda and was establised in 1981.It is a great place to learn and love nature while also having fun. It is hands-on and family friendly and therefore should definitely be visited on your holiday to Sri Lanka.

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Madu River

Sherine Lanka Tours Madu River Boat Safari |
Madu River is a wetland, near the Small town "Balapitiya" along the Colombo Galle highway.The river then flows for a further a 4.4 km (2.7 mi) before draining into the Indian Ocean.The Madu River is very rich in biodivesity.It is surrounded by the mangrove forests.The boat ride is a wonderful way to take a closer look at this complex wetland ecosystem.

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Martin Wickramasinghe Museum

Sherine Lanka Tours Martin Wickramasinghe Museum |
This interesting museum includes the house where respected Sinhalese author Martin Wickramasinghe (1890–1976) was born (the traditional southern structure dates back 200 years and has some Dutch architectural influences).It is located by the Koggala Free Trade Zone, few minutes walking distance from Gall Mathara main road.The museum is split into a couple sections. The cabin where Mr. Wickramasinghe grew up has been preserved and contains original furniture, pictures of the author receiving awards and a thorough chronicle of his life.

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Galle Dutch Fort

Sherine Lanka Tours Galle |
Galle Fort in the Bay of Galle on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese.It's Structure was very basic and made of mud and surrounded by palisades or stakewalls.There were three bastions and a single rampart. However the fort underwent extensive modifications in the 17th century by the Dutch, making it one of the most important archeological, architectural and historic monuments to illutrate the European influence in South East Asia between the 16th and 19th centuries.

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Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sherine Lanka Tours Sigiriya Rock Fortress |
Sigiriya or Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fortress located in the northern Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka.Sigiriya being a fortress, had been well designed for its defenses by having ramparts and moats built around it. There are several approaches to the inner city and the most prominent is the Western entrance.In the Sigiriya Rock fortress,There is a Mirror Wall, which is covered with graffiti from the 7th to the 10th centuries AD. These were written by the people who came to see Sigiriya during those long years. Coming along the path of the mirror wall, one find the Lion Paw Terrace or Platform. Only two huge Lion's paws are remaining now but earlier there had been an enormous Lion figure or statue at the entrance

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Polonnaruwa Ancient City

Sherine Lanka Tours Polonnaruwa Ancient City |
Poḷonnaruwa is the main town of Polonnaruwa District in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. Kings ruled the central plains of Sri Lanka from Polonnaruwa 800 years ago, when it was a thriving commercial and religious centre. .The ruins of the ancient city stand on the east shore of a large artificial lake, the Topa Wewa Lake, or Parakrama Samudraya (the Sea of Parakrama), built by King Parakramabahu I (1153-86), whose reign was Polonnaruwa‘s golden age.

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Minneriya National Park

Sherine Lanka Tours Minneriya National Park |
Minneriya National Park is located 182 km away from Colombo in the North Central Plains of Sri Lanka.The national park’s faunal species include 24 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 9 species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of fish, and 75 species of butterflies.This national park is one of the best places in the country to see wild elephants, which are often present in huge numbers.May to October is the best period to visit Minneriya National Park in view of the famous Gathering of the wild elephant herds.

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Nalanda Gedige

Sherine Lanka Tours Nalanda Gedige |
Nalanda Gedige is an ancient and mysterious edifice near Matale that has confounded researchers with its strange mix of Hindu and Buddhist architecture.It is a complete stone temple.

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Royal Botanical Garden

Sherine Lanka Tours Royal Botanical Garden |
Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya are about 5.5 km to the west of the city of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.As Sri Lanka's largest garden an elegant and spacious 147-acres (60-hectares) plenty of time is needed to stroll Peradeniya's imposing Avenue of Royal Palms.It is the best botanical garden in the whole of Asia.

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Kitulgala Water Rafting

Sherine Lanka Tours Kithulgala Water Rafting |
Kitulgala is the place where the famous 'Bridge on the River Kwai' film was made.It is a very secluded place to enjoy swimming and water sports like white water rafting.There for it is a base for white-water rafting,which starts a few kilometres upstream and also popular as a location for adventure based training programs.

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Nuwara Eliya

Sherine Lanka Tours Nuwara Eliya |
Nuwara Eliya is a city in the hill country of the Central Province, Sri Lanka.Blessed a with salubrious climate, breathtaking views of valleys, meadows, mountains and greenery.So Nuwara Eliya, also known as ‘Little’ England’, was the favorite hill station of the British who tried to create the resort into a typical English Village.

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Horton Plains

Sherine Lanka Tours Horton Plains |
Horton Plains National Park is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka of Nuwara Eliya District.One of the coldest and windiest locations in the country, Horton Plains in Sri Lanka is a thriving ecosystem of indigenous creatures.The area of It is 3160 ha. or 31.6 sq. km. and is about 8% of the total upper montane forests and grasslands of Sri Lanka.It is rich in biodiversity with many species endemic to the area itself.

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Little Adams Peak

Sherine Lanka Tours Little Adam's Peak |
Little Adam's peakis a hiking hotspot in the mountain country of Sri Lanka..This mountain has an elevation of 1141 m above sea level, and gains its name from its similarity of shape to the famous Adam’s Peak, the fifth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.Little Adam's peak has been attracting tourists for a long time now. The reason for its popularity is the amazing view that never fails to attract and impress the visitors.

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Nine Arch Bridge

Sherine Lanka Tours Nine Arch Bridge |
One of the highlights in the mountain village Ella is the 30-meter high Demodara Nine Arch Bridge.The stone train bridge was built by the British, with its nine beautiful arches.The beautiful nine arches make it a very picturesque spot especially as it is located in a dense jungle and agricultural setting. Behind the railway, a forest is booming and below, tea leaves are being cultivated.

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Ravana Ella

Sherine Lanka Tours Ravana Ella |
Ravana Falls is another must visit in Ella. Hill country of Sri Lanka is quite popular for beautiful waterfalls and Ravana Falls is right at the top.The falls are quite impressive, and you can climb over some of the rocks to get a closer look.The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and is located 6 km (3.7 mi) away from the local railway station at Ella. It is also believed that Rama’s queen bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from this waterfall.

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Sherine Lanka Tours Ravana Ella |
Negombo is a modest beach town located just 10km from Bandaranayake International Airport.It is a a good place to acclimatise to the country before heading off for more interesting cities, cultural sights and beaches.Because of the wonderful beach,Negombo is very popular, both among the local Sri Lankan people, as well as the tourists.

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Sherine Lanka Tours Ravana Ella |
Mirissa is one of the main beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka. Mirissa is located in the Matara. The area has it all, beautiful beaches, surf waves, and great bars and restaurants.It is also a fishing port and one of the island's main whale and dolphin watching locations.

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